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80% Venezeula Sur del Lago


"The cocoa beans of this single origin Sur Del Lago cocoa pod are grown within walking distance of Lake Maracaibo. It is this famous lake where Captain Blood and his pirate ship the ARABELLA with all of its booty eluded capture by his nemesis Don Miguel de Espinosa. His high adventures likens to your experience when you partake of the fruity aroma and the silky taste of this richly cocoa thanks to the Criollo inheritance of this Trinitario Cocoa. You might ask: But what is the connection? These beans are even more difficult to obtain than the treasure of Captain Blood." ~Andre V

Venezuelan Cocoa Beans (Sur Del Lago), Organic Cane Sugar

Soy-free and Gluten-free product. Vegan. All natural ingredients. Bean to bar. 48-hour conching process

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