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10 Bar - Prism Collection


The Prism Chocolate Gift Box is the perfect union of three elements that define jcoco: transcendent flavors, colorful design, and our commitment to fighting hunger in our communities. This gorgeous 5.5" x 5.5" x 2.5" gift box features 10 one-ounce delicious bars in each of our inspired flavors, perfect for taking a journey across the globe through chocolate.

Boharat Spice in 61% dark chocolate Single Varietal Contamana Cacao in 85% dark chocolate Black Fig Pistachio in 72% dark chocolate Orange Blossom Espresso in 61% dark chocolate Peruvian Dark with Nibs in 72% dark chocolate Cayenne Veracruz Orange in 30% white chocolate Crisp Quinoa Sesame in 47% milk chocolate Edamame Sea Salt in 47% milk chocolate Himalayan Salt + Toffee in 47% milk chocolate Mango Plantain in 47% milk chocolate

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