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Branco Com Pistachie


They started from a small room where they processed the nibs in homemade 3 kg mills, when they were titled "The Smallest Chocolate Factory in the World". In May 2022, they received Packint's long-awaited Italian machines at their Factory, now a warehouse. To celebrate the arrival of these machines, they decided to create a white chocolate bar with Pistachio, in which the presence of this nut takes them back to Italy. A limited edition tribute to the technicians who built and installed the machines, and which they decided to share with their fans. Fun!!! The package comes with two bars of 40g each packed separately, totaling 80g of chocolate. So you don't need to open your chocolate all at once and you can consume it with 100% quality at another time!

Ingredients: organic sugar, powdered milk, cocoa butter from the Amazon, pistachio paste Contains: milk and tree nuts.

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