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Wild Tranquilidad by Ritual Chocolate


Bright citrus with overtones of spice mellow to a woody, tannic cocoa for a pleasantly familiar finish. A collaboration nine years in the making - a labor of love, sweat, and tears. Preserving the wild Bolivian rainforest and its treasures, including rare cacao. Genetically unique wild Beniano cacao from Hacienda Tranquilidad in Bolivia is the star of this new, rare, and wild jewel of the jungle. Master artisans from Ritual Chocolate have lent their talents to the discerning palates at Caputo’s to set a new standard for what wild chocolate can and should be. By paying far above fair-trade for the cacao and donating an additional $1 for each bar sold directly back to Tranquilidad, Caputo's is ensuring that Volker Lehman, the agronomist who discovered Beniano and proprietor of Hacienda Tranquilidad, can continue to preserve this rare and special cacao for years to come.

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