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Double Crunch Vegan Milk 58%


large or mini bar : : : L i m i t e d – E d i t i o n : : : 100% organic vegan milk chocolate made with organic coconut milk, delicious crispy crystals and real cocoa nibs! bar is 2.5 Oz (70g) Bar - 0.4oz per square (mini)

Cacao Beans, Erythritol, Cocoa butter, Coconut Milk, Mesquite Powder, Aquafaba, Stevia, Vanilla.

MADE FOR HEALTHY LIFESTYLES: Zero sugar 100% Organic Ingredients 2 Net Carbs Per bar Keto Friendly Paleo friendly, Low carb (2 net carbs) Bean-to-bar quality Vegan soy-free, low glycemic index, and metabolism-friendly.

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