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Bronte Pistachio Truffles


From the volcanic hills of Mt. Etna in Sicily comes treasured “green gold.” The Bronte pistachio’s floral flavor is as vibrant as its emerald hue. A well-guarded secret of Italy, this sumptuous pistachio aside marzipan blended with 72% cacao dark chocolate, enhancing its delicate nuttiness which subtly bursts through for two bites of sheer pleasure. Soy Free, Non-GMO, Women Owned Made in United States

Almond marzipan (sugar, almonds, water, sorbitol, invert sugar, invertase), Bronte pistachio paste, bittersweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, vanilla bean seeds), amaretto alcohol, water, gold leaf, Yaupon green tea.

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